Flosstradamus NFT

Project Overview

A Dynamic NFT Experience

We partnered with Flosstradamus, a world reknown DJ, and Rarible to build a unique NFT experience. Our team built a desktop application, a Web3 application and an API to engage collectors well past the initial sale of the NFTs we created. The NFT featured a physical key that is required to unlock the rest of the NFTs in the experience.



  • Ethereum/Solidity
  • IPFS/Fleek
  • React.js
  • Electron.js
  • ERC-721
  • ERC-1155


After a collector has won one of the three auctions on Rarible, they are instructed to a link within the unlockable content of the NFT. Here there is a web form to input their shipping information. Once the collector has received the package, there is a vaporizer pen with a USB drive attached to it. The vaporizer pen is a 1 of 3 Flosstradamus branded collectible that also doubles as the key to unlock the next NFT. All the collector does is plug the USB drive into a Mac or PC. Once the drive is plugged in, the Desktop application that we created begins to run. This application will open the web3 application in a browser and send a public encryption key to our API. Once the public encryption key is validated by the API, the web3 application validates that the collectors wallet contains the original NFT that was won in the auction. Once both those conditions have been satisfied the collector unlocks the new NFT. The new NFT can be viewed in their wallet or in the web3 application that we built. This is a one-time unlock which means the collector is able to sell any of the received NFTs and keep the physical collectible.

  • Client:Flosstradamus
  • Location:Los Angeles, CA
  • Services:Blockchain Engineering, Desktop Application Development, Web3 Application Development
  • Completed:April 2021
  • Website:Rarible.com